Why Salts Worldwide Has the Best Sea Salt

Why Salts Worldwide Has the Best Sea Salt

Why Salts Worldwide has the best fine sea salt

Fleur de Sel is a unique by-product of the production of Sel Gris, a popular and widely used artisanal salt. Fleur de Sel is only created during calm, warm days, when the surface of the salt blooms with lacy white crystals. It is highly regarded and should be used sparingly on foods. Its name refers to its aristocratic and refined flavor.

Black Truffle salt

There are many reasons to buy fleur de sel, and one of the most notable is its high quality. This French salt is hand-harvested from the waters off the coast of Brittany. Its unique and fine crystals make it an excellent finishing salt for seafood, fresh salads, buttered bread, and more. It also has a desirable blue-gray tint and is the most expensive type of sea salt available.

La Baleine French fine sea salt

Aigues-Mortes coarse sea salt is naturally crystallized by the sun and the sea breezes in this Mediterranean preserve. This coarse salt is also used for cooking, as it provides more texture than fine crystals. In contrast, fine sea salts are generally too coarse and can be too hard for some recipes. However, coarse salts are still an excellent choice for cooking and baking. They will enhance your recipes without being overpowering.

Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt is a popular choice for many people looking to make their meals healthier. Sodium chloride is a key part of salt, and it regulates many important processes in the body. However, some health professionals have argued that too much sodium can cause high blood pressure and heart disease. Recent research has called this long-held belief into question. Regardless of the skepticism, many people have switched to Himalayan salt as a healthier alternative.

Celtic sea salt

If you’re in the market for fine Celtic sea salt, you’ve come to the right place. Celtic sea salt is a fantastically healthy, natural way to add vital minerals to your diet. In fact, famous chefs from around the world swear by it. Not only does it taste great, it’s also loaded with essential nutrients. Whether you use it for cooking or seasoning, you’ll find that it’s an indispensable addition to any diet.

Tavira sea salt

Flor de Sal de Tavira is hand-harvested and characterized by its chemical properties. It is a pure, unrefined salt that lends a unique flavor to food and is produced using traditional methods. The salt pans are divided into three distinct holding areas and are systematically cleaned by a specialised tool known as a ‘coador’. The result is a premium product that is suitable for a wide range of cooking applications.

Oriel sea salt

Oriel fine sea salt is harvested from the Irish waters in County Louth. The salt is harvested without touching the air, which results in an incredibly pure, flavourful product. Thanks to the unique harvesting process, Oriel retains up to 18% of its minerals. Because it is so fine, you can use as much as 25% less than regular salt. Chefs in Ireland love it, too! If you’re looking for the best salt, try Oriel.

Maldon sea salt

If you are looking for the best fine sea salt, you’ve come to the right place. These premium brands produce only the best salt, and they also have some unique differences. Unlike refined salt, which is filtered through a machine, fine sea salt is naturally occurring. Salts Worldwide’s Maldon salt is smoked over English Oak, a sustainable forest. The result is a salt that has a subtle smokey flavor, perfect for seasoning meats and heartier vegetables.

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