Things to Do in Frankfort, KY

Frankfort, Kentucky is a home rule-class city and the capital of Kentucky. It has a population of 28,602 as of the 2020 census. The city is home to many cultural and historical attractions, including the historic Old Governor’s Mansion and the gravesite of Daniel Boone.

Daniel Boone gravesite

The Daniel Boone gravesite in Frankfort Cemetery overlooks the city of Frankfort and the Kentucky River. It contains the remains of both Daniel and Rebecca Boone. Both were originally buried in Missouri but were moved to Kentucky in 1845. The gravesite is now used daily by Frankfort citizens and visitors.

Boone spent a great part of his life in Kentucky, fighting with Indians and surveying the land. His wife Rebecca Boone died in 1813, and the relics of both were moved to Frankfort in 1845. There is still much controversy surrounding the relics of the famous American explorer.

In addition to Boone’s gravesite, there are many other notable Kentucky residents buried in Boone’s Cemetery. The cemetery is located on a hill overlooking Frankfort. Visitors will find memorials to soldiers and the unborn as well as the resting places of famous Kentuckians.

Boone was born in Pennsylvania in 1734 and spent years exploring the wilderness of Kentucky. He eventually built Fort Boonesborough, the first non-Indian settlement in the region. After many years, however, he felt that Kentucky had become too crowded. As a result, he moved to Missouri. Today, his gravesite in Frankfort is also home to Paul Sawyer, Joel T. Hart, and Theodore O’Hara.

Sculpture park

If you are in the mood for some art, head to the Josephine Sculpture Park in Frankfort, KY. This 30 acre public park features over 70 works of art and has a number of self-guided tours. It also contains native plants and wildlife. The park is open to the public and is a great place to educate children about the arts while also protecting the rural landscape of Kentucky.

The artwork in the park is interactive and accessible to all visitors. Some pieces are made of metal objects that can be touched, while others can only be viewed from a distance. Artist Dixie Jewett created these works with the intention of inspiring visitors to engage in the process of art creation.

As you approach the property, you’ll see sculptures that line the path. You can stop at each one to read about its features. There is a free parking area available for visitors. After parking, you’ll have the chance to begin your walk along the path. It’s important to wear sturdy shoes or slippers because the paths are not paved. The area is also kept clean and mowed. Additionally, there are benches that allow visitors to rest while they stroll through the sculpture park.

If you’re interested in exploring the art scene in Kentucky, check out the Josephine Sculpture Park. Visitors will find some interesting pieces by local artists from around the world. The park is also home to a number of other art galleries. There are even special events and lectures held at the park.

Old Governor’s Mansion

The Old Governor’s Mansion is a historic building in Frankfort, KY. It is open to the public daily. Admission is $20. The building is family-friendly and offers tours during the day and evening hours. You can visit the Old Governor’s Mansion for a romantic weekend away or a family getaway.

This mansion has a rich history, dating back to the early 1800s. Built in 1798, it was the home of the Kentucky Governor. For many years it was vacant, but in the year 1914, it was remodeled and reopened to the public. From then until 2002, it was home to Kentucky’s Lieutenant Governors and other dignitaries. Some of the most notable visitors to the building included Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, and William Jennings Bryan.

The Old Governor’s Mansion in Frankforten, Kentucky, is the oldest official executive residence in the nation. The home was built in 1798, and was used as a governor’s office until 1872. Later, the governor moved to a new residence, the Old Capitol Annex, next to the Old State Capitol in Frankfort. This house was used as a guest house and meeting space for visiting dignitaries.

If you are interested in learning about the history of Kentucky, you should visit the Old Governor’s Mansion. It is a historic building and can be visited for free. Nearby attractions include the Kentucky State Capitol and Buffalo Trace Distillery. Whether you’re a business traveler or just a tourist, the Old Governor’s Mansion provides a convenient place to stay. The staff is friendly, and the rooms are clean and comfortable.


Museums in Frankfort, KY are an excellent way to learn more about the state’s history. The Capitol City Museum explores 200 years of Frankfort history and is wheelchair accessible. It is located across from the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History and offers free admission. The museum’s extensive library features research tools for genealogy. It also offers educational activities for all ages.

The Kentucky Historical Society has its headquarters in Frankfort. It opened a museum downtown in 1999. A Kentucky Journey chronicles 12,000 years of Kentucky history. The museum is free to enter, but donations are appreciated. The museum’s gift shop has a wide range of items on display.

The Old State Capitol and Public Grounds are a National Historic Landmark and the former seat of government for the state. From 1798 to 1914, this building served as the capital of Kentucky. It was the site of political debates over slavery and war. The building was designed by Frank Mills Andrews and is made of white Georgia, dark green Italian and Tennessee marble. The Governor’s Mansion is another interesting historic site. It was constructed during the late 18th century and is part of the Kentucky National Register of Historic Places. It features a Beaux-Arts design and was inspired by Marie Antoinette’s summer home.

If you’re interested in military history, you might enjoy visiting the Kentucky Military History Museum. The old Kentucky arsenal building now serves as the museum. Inside it houses exhibits on Kentucky’s military history, including artifacts from the Civil War era. A whole gallery is dedicated to Col. George Chinn, a former director of the Kentucky Historical Society. Chinn was an intuitive genius when it came to machine guns, and his work is celebrated in this museum.


If you are looking for a delicious meal in a historic city, Frankfort, KY, offers a number of options. From deli-style sandwiches to homemade pastries, Frankfort’s restaurants can offer a wide range of culinary delights. Some of these places even offer drive-through service.

The first settlement in the area was in 1786. Since then, the city has survived the confederate army occupation, disastrous fires, and flooding from the Kentucky River. There are plenty of museums, restored mansions, and historic sites to visit in Frankfort. The city is also home to the Buffalo Tra Distillery and the Buckley Wildlife Sanctuary.

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