Things to Do in Ainsworth, Wyoming

If you’re looking for something to do in Ainsworth, Wyoming, you’ve come to the right place. From Diving and Skiing to Lakes and Cody Caves Provincial Park, there’s a wide variety of things to keep you busy.

Cody Caves Provincial Park

Cody Caves Provincial Park is a subterranean park in British Columbia, Canada. It was formed in July 1966 and is located 13 km northwest of Ainsworth Hot Springs. The park is open to the public and has a number of interesting sights.

The caves are open from May to early November, but are closed during the winter months. They are only accessible by a guided tour. Visitors should wear proper clothing, sturdy outdoor shoes, and a helmet. During your tour, be sure to bring appropriate camping equipment, and be sure to take a poncho to keep warm.

A visit to the Cody Caves is a unique experience in British Columbia. The park contains a network of limestone caves on the west side of Kootenay Lake. It was first protected in 1966 and is one of the best-known cave systems in the province.

During your visit to the park, don’t forget to take a guided tour of the caves. You’ll see some of the most spectacular formations in the world. The caves are a natural limestone formation that dates back 170 million years.

Ainsworth is also home to the Ainsworth Hot Springs resort. The mineral springs are open to the public and have therapeutic qualities. Historically, the Ktunaxa First Nations people used the water for healing. Now, the property is owned by the Lower Kootenay Band of Creston, B.C. The resort offers a large lounging pool and cold plunge pool.


If you love to ski, a trip to Ainsworth State Park is a must! This uncrowded ski area offers steep terrain and world-class hot springs. The Ainsworth Hot Springs are located in the Kootenay Lake area and offer three odorless pools and a horseshoe cave.


There are three main lakes in Ainsworth, each of which is great for swimming and water sports. The largest is Lake Ainsworth, which is 12 hectares in size and is located near the northern end of Pacific Parade. It is a popular spot for families to swim and paddle board. Various trails and pathways mean that the area is also a great place for canoeing and kayaking.

In the early 20th century, the lake was home to giant eels and boogie men. It was also home to many tea trees, which stained the waters a deep cola colour. Several residents of Ainsworth still visit the lake to swim or spend time with their friends. However, water pollution and blue-green algae are both problems that continue to plague the lake. To address the problem, the council has allocated $1.3 million to improve Lake Ainsworth’s water quality.

The Lakes in Ainsworth are a key tourist destination in the Ballina Shire. The lake is classified as an acidic coastal dune lake and is one of the most popular recreational areas in the region. The lake covers 12.4 hectares and is managed by NSW Crown Lands. The southern end of the lake is managed by Ballina Shire Council. Several projects to improve the water quality of the lake have been delayed due to the recent severe weather. However, the council will resume work on the project when water levels decrease.

The Council obtained grant funding through the Crown Reserves Improvement Fund (CRIF) to conduct restoration works at the lake. These works will help to restore the health of the lake and protect the area from erosion. In addition, council will place sand along priority foreshores and install beach retention sills, a structure consisting of large sandbags, which will help stabilise steep beaches and minimise downslope loss of sand.


When it comes to nightlife in Ainsworth, you’ll find a variety of choices. The Ainsworth Hotel is known for having a fun, high-energy atmosphere. The newest addition to the Ainsworth franchise brand, Ainsworth Social, offers the newest LED lighting technology and live DJs. The club is the perfect place for large groups to party, with room for 100 to 200 people. There are also private areas for groups and entire grades to enjoy the music.

Ainsworth venues are located in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, and in Hoboken, New Jersey, Kansas City, and Nashville, Tennessee. Each of them offers contemporary takes on classic American dishes and signature cocktails. The stylish and eclectic venues are ideal for birthday parties, anniversaries, and going away basses.

The Ainsworth is the perfect place for a night out, featuring a sports bar, restaurant, lounge, and event space. The interiors feature chic paisley wallpaper and antique pine wood. The venue features state-of-the-art A/V capabilities and catering facilities.

If you’re looking for a trendy spot in New York City, Ainsworth is the place for you. Its chic vibe blends Downtown NYC’s signature cool vibes with upscale looks. On New Year’s Eve, don’t miss the Ainsworth’s NYE celebration.

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